2019 Mini Scholarships

     For students in art and music 

​         Deadline March 31, 2019

Dicandilo Family Foundation

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  Expressive Path's Spring Fling

               April 26, 2019

Dreuding Foundaton

Expressive Path is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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Board of Directors

Pamela Martin, LPC Executive Director

Lisa Kane Brown Esquire, President

Peter Mahoney, Treasurer

Honorable Kelly C. Wall, Special Advisor

Our ​Mission

Art Education Program

Mentorship Program

Self-Expression Program


About Us

Expressive Path is a mobile non-profit organization committed to enriching, educating, and inspiring adolescents by providing resources for them in the areas of: theater, dance, music, humanities and the visual arts. 

       Collaborative Art Exhibit

 Montgomery Co. Community College

        Receptions May 23 & June 6

           Wyeth Lectures

 Montgomery County Youth Center

            December 4, 2019

Expressive Path appreciates the support from: